Animism Studios is represented by The Great Coastal Mastodon (scientific name: magnum litore mammutidae proboscideans). A now extinct member of the Mammut genus, Coastal Mastodons were once found throughout the Cascadian landscape, extending up the modern British Columbian coastline to present-day Alaska.

A rare example of a venomous mammal, the Coastal Mastodon remains by far the largest poisonous member in animal history, and much scientific speculation has been devoted to understanding the evolutionary nature of the creature’s deadly neurotoxin. Living in a hostile ecosystem populated by bears, wolverines and wolves, the Coastal Mastodon was nevertheless larger, more intelligent and - when provoked - more aggressive than contemporaneous predators; so their venom remains a scientific conundrum to this day.

Controversially, Coastal Mastodons are hypothesized by some in the scientific community to have been semi-aquatic where they may have clashed with orcas, potentially killing entire killer whale packs for both food and sport.

Revered by early peoples in the region, Coastal Mastodons briefly co-existed with humans until becoming fully extinct around 10,000 BC. Depictions of the creatures being ridden and tamed in prehistoric art suggest that the creatures may have been domesticated by humans of the era. The tusks and teeth of deceased animals were often used for ornamental purposes, while their venom may have been ceremoniously utilized as a hallucinogen.

Coastal Mastodons almost certainly made use of crude tools, and were able to manipulate their trunks to build nests for their young. In the past, it was suggested that Mastodons may have used their tusks for tickling purposes, but those suggestions have since been thoroughly discredited.

As the logo for Animism Studios,  the Coastal Mastodon represents reliability, creativity, efficiency and resilience, all values which embody our company, which is why at Animism Studios, we say that we truly are “Fuelled by Mastodon Venom.”

- June, 2018